Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Big Heave-Ho

This is it. This is my last night in the double bed. Tomorrow we move onto the boat and into the small cabin with its small bunk. I know I should be better person and not mind. But I do. One shower, 'heads', for ten people, no privacy, no space.

What we do have lots of is weather! In fact we have so much weather, we're not sure when we can leave now, which really sucks. Our Thursday departure has been set back to possibly Monday due to an incoming Mistral the experts are calling 'full blown'.

I need to start praying to Neptune and the weather Gods. And maybe cook some extra bad weather freezer food.

So instead we shall be living on a boat going no where for now, listening to the rain which has been at it for a while. Which is one upside; sleeping on a boat in the rain is pretty soporific and makes one feel all warm and cosy. Which reminds me, I must go and buy me some tights...

Will keep you informed. For now I shall snuggle up and starfish whilst I still sort of can.