Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Drive.

On Sunday George decided we should go for an 'off-roading' session in his beloved Landrover in the snow and explore the tracks and trails around the hills of the Cogolin area and beyond. Being a bit of a snow-freak I of course thought this was a splendid idea so with snow chains attached, we set off.

With the dependable grunt of the Landy in chains, a force to be reckoned with, we climbed up and above the village of La Garde Freinet and into the narrow tracks of the snowy hills. This is an area more suited to bathing in the famous Cote D'Azure sunshine which teases and tickles the lavender and vineyards and olive trees into flower and fruit. But as we drove, we passed by many a fallen olive bough, the burden of cold snow too much to carry for some.

We continued to climb and twist and turn, the view opening up over the white valleys of the French Riviera on one side, the other side stretching for miles towards the distant piercing-white of the Southern Alps busy catching some rays. The views were paused in their tracks as we slowly ambled through the darkened tunnels of trees, hooded heavily with snow and silence.

 George stopped the car occasionally so I could take photos and it seemed that the stillness the snow had brought with it had effected him somehow. He was very quiet.

But he's like that when he's deep in thought so I left him to it and continued to admire my beautiful view. Lucky old me.

Then after a while George decided to stop to show me a path that led to a view apparently worth photographing. I smiled inwardly thinking how sweet it was for him to indulge my love for my camera and a good view.

We sat on a rock under an olive tree and took in the stillness and the amazing view of the snowy valleys in front of us.

And then he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.

Oh and I said 'Yes'.

Our Rock.