Sunday, 10 April 2011


Well that was messy. But fun too. (Thanks Holly)  And most of Saturday was a bit of a right-off.(Shame on me, sorry Ma) I might have mentioned in my last blog that the possibilities of copious amounts of rose being consumed when in the close vicinity of classic yacht sailors were high. I lied. It turned out to be copious amounts of cheap vin rouge, by the glass; ouch.

It was a large chocolate Haagen-Dazs milk-shake that kicked the hangover into touch, followed a little later on with some great sushi; a great aspect of Cannes, plenty of sushi restaurants.

So I'm back on track today and wondering what the ultimate apres-hangover meal might be. What soul-food is waiting for me in my cupboards? Something soothing, refreshing, nutritious. Sounds like flavours from the Thai department to me. I'll go have a gander and let you know what I come up with.

Would love to know what your ultimate hangover food is in the meantime... Please leave helpful suggestions in the comment box below and I'll be back later with mine.