Saturday, 28 July 2012


The fridge.


And breath....

I had a lovely holiday, thank you. You may or may not have noticed my absence, but if you did then I am back from Suffolk (our beautiful home in beautiful Suffolk) and back on the boat in Falmouth, Cornwall. But not for long.

Due to the weather we are leaving for Barcelona a little earlier than expected. So I have had 4 days to get back into the swing of living on a boat, provisioning for 10 days at sea and cooking bad-weather meals for the freezer. The very same freezer that has just decided for no apparent reason to no longer freeze and is sitting at a balmy 3 degrees.

Hence the panic. Why oh why of all days would it do that to me? And I do indeed take it personally! I'm not rude to it, I never kick it or fill it with the usual bottom dwelling layer of frozen peas. I defrost it when I can and how does it repay me!

We've had one guy here already who couldn't fix it, our engineer is still on holiday and I have cooked 6 meals that need freezing.

Breath girl, breath.

Okay, it's fine really. We'll just eat our way systematically through the bad weather food until the engineer gets back and (hopefully) fixes it. Then if we could all together now pray especially hard for flat calm seas, absolutely no bad weather what-so-ever and most of all for fish, that would be great, I thank you once again.

So I have shopped for all the usual delivery friendly fruit and veg. Green bananas, white and red cabbage for when the lettuce runs out in two days. Did you know that delicate lettuce leaves like rocket gets seasick? It really does. A day at sea and it has turned into a smelly green sludge in a bag. Yuk. So I buy a few hardy icebergs to keep us in salad and then we resort to coleslaws and cucumbers and tomatoes and celeriac remoulades...

It'll be fine. it'll all be fine. Nobody will be going hungry. I can't fit anymore food in the cupboards and bilges. The fridge is fit to burst and the sun is shining.

And if I buy one last batch of Cornish pasties tomorrow morning before we leave, they'll love me forever.

Fingers crossed. So wish us luck and ! I'll let you know how it goes at our very next stop which will probably be Brest, beautiful Brest and their delicious crepes.

Thanks for reading.


Drag two trolleys round a supermarket and fill up with groceries.
Take everything out of the trolleys and load onto a conveyor belt. Check-out person beeps it through the till which you then catch on the other side and load into bags in some semblance of order.
Return groceries to trolley with eggs sitting on top.
Load huge bags of groceries into van, so they don't fall and crush all the eggs.
Unload the van, piling all bags into trolleys warning crew not to crush the eggs.
Unload the groceries from the trolleys to the deck..
Get the groceries down the forward hatch into the crew mess.
Take 3 hours to unload the groceries and put away in various fridges, broken freezers, cupboards and bilges, wiping out all the broken egg and shell from that bag.
Repeat entire process in next port because all the buggers have eaten everything