Saturday, 2 June 2012

In the Avenue Of Sail

There I was down below making a cheeky Birthday/Jubilee cake, when would you Adam and Eve it (cockney rhyming slang that), the sun went and got his hat on.

So I've taken some shots for you of the scene thus far. I have to say that it is very good to be here. The crowds are out enjoying the many boats all dressed overall with code flags, crews polishing and titivating the bronze and varnish and there is a general feeling of huge excitement and enjoyment in the air. Which is better then the feeling of heavy rain in the air...

We shall see.

The crew of Mariquita have been practising our salute to the Queen which was fairly amusing and though many suggestions were made as to how to Mexican wave or moonwalk down the deck Michael Jackson style, we decided on a good old fashioned 'Hip-hip hooray'.

I'm off ashore now. My Fiance is taking me out to dinner in the Big Smoke. Lovely. Best go now whilst the sun is still out.

See you soon!