Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mahon Regatta On Mariquita

Oh my goodness. Our first day racing in the Mahon classic yacht regatta in Menorca and I do believe that at one point even my eyeballs were sweating. It dripped – no, sorry – poured from every pore in our bodies. Being a classic yacht we have a significant lack of modern instruments on board so I have to admit I have no idea what the temperature rose to. I just know that it was hot.

I do apologise if you have come here expecting to read about delicious food and find a recipe or two and have instead been more than understandably ‘put off’ by my telling you about such profuse bodily leaking. Unfortunately for you it is, as you can probably tell, consuming our very lives.

I did cook a dinner for four guests last night. The crew got a defrosted, pre cooked chicken casserole. I have been most organised for this regatta. Knowing that we would have racing and VIP’s staying on board spurred me into a cooking frenzy and I filled my small freezer up. Anything to make my life just a little bit easier. But even a relatively simple 2 course meal for the guests had me wilting with heat exhaustion in my little galley.  I should really have served ice cream for desert but couldn’t help myself with some little, plump fresh figs I had procured. I ended up turning the oven on for maximum heat effect to bake the juicy little bulbs of sweetness which I quartered, stuffed with mascarpone, drizzled with honey and scattered with a good handful of a walnut crumble topping. I of course made sure that I cooked a little too many. Scattered with a little fresh, chopped mint they were juicy and nutty and everything you would want in a desert to be honest. I could be more than a little addicted to figs and may try a little pasta recipe I’ve heard of with figs and chilli’s…

I’ll let you know how that goes when I get to make it.

Oh and by the way! We came first today! Well done us! It certainly helps to make the racing easier to deal with in the heat when you have a cracking spinnaker finish in the port entrance. Very cool. So we’re pretty pleased with ourselves. Let’s hope we keep up the performance. There are rumours that there is a lot of wind on its way… potential for a lot of fun.

I’ll let you know how we get on with that. If I haven’t fully melted by then. I’m a true English girl at heart and could happily do with some rain. I’ll put an order in for some clouds and hope they get here soon. Thanks for reading. Wish us luck with the rest of the regatta.


Our beautiful Mariquita heading down wind and winning our race.